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  • Community Events

    Konzert Sebastian Krumbiegel in Houston

    German Expats Houston

    Einladung vom Generalkonsulat in Houston: Dear colleagues, liebe Freunde, A special event is coming up! After the huge success last year, German recording artist Sebastian Krumbiegel (Die Prinzen) is coming back to the United States! This time he...

    Meet and Greet - Monthly event

    Indians / Desis in Houston

        This is a perfect event for the new members to meet new people and talk to other members.   Come over to break ice and step into a journey of making new friends and associations.

    Bald Eagles

    Houston Area Wildlife and Nature Photography

    We'll be meeting in the Fudruckers parking lot on Normandy to go across the street to see the bald eagles.  The area is somewhat sketchy, lock your car and don't leave your gear in sight.  Haven't heard of any problems so far in the last three...