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    Natsu-desu Karaoke @ Genji
    7-26-14 10:00 am - Game Guys
    The Houston Japanese Conversation Club

    Come join us for another night of Karaoke!! For those that are new, Genji is one of the few restaurants in Houston that has Japanese karaoke with some of the latest (and old) songs! We only have one rule, you must sing at least one Japanese...

    Meet and Greet - Monthly event
    7-26-14 10:00 am - Game Guys
    Indians / Desis in Houston

        This is a perfect event for the new members to meet new people and talk to other members.   Come over to break ice and step into a journey of making new friends and associations.

    Smash Bro Melee / Project M Houston's Largest Wii Event this Year!
    7-26-14 10:00 am - Game Guys
    Game Guys

    We will be having HUGE Pot Bonus starting $1000+ more we get to RSVP we will quickly start adding more the the pot bonus! Big names are to be expected! We will confirm those soon! This will be July 26 - 27th More details will be added here with...