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  • Community Events

    Now meeting at Bacchus to speak English!
    4-17-14 6:30 pm
    ESL - teachers and students

    Let's speak English! We are a simple, diverse, friendly group with no set agenda. We speak about any and everything! The gatherings are usually a great mix of students and teachers. Come join us! Caroline...

    BAWL Critique Group Meeting
    4-17-14 7:00 pm
    Bay Area Writers League (BAWL)

    Everyone is welcome. We critique all genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essay, memoir, and recently, a screen play. This is an especially good group if you haven't been to a critique group before.   Discussing your work and your plans as an...

    Pick Strawberries at Froberg's Farm
    4-19-14 11:00 am
    Indians / Desis in Houston

    Picking strawberries at Froberg's has been one of my favorite annual meetups. Come out and explore over 20 acres of strawberry fields, fill your buckets of sweet, red strawberries that you can later wash and eat right away or freeze for use in...